XYZ does not support this item?

How do you turn this on/off on the item description page? I see everyone seems to say they don’t support their item(s) above the price/buy now button

See Image <–



Check your profile settings under support

There is also an option to have different support options per item. Click edit item and change it in there

Good luck!

Yeah I checked that. Above my comments page it says I support the item, but in the image linked above says I don’t.

Seems like everyone’s items say they don’t, even yours even though your comments page says you do support the item.

me too, I setup support in profile settings and all items. But the page still show “… does not support this item” :frowning:

We got the same issue. It seems like a bug from Envato Dev Team. It will low down the confidence from buyer to buy the item.

Btw, how to request a reply or attention on this topic from Envato staff, everyone?

Same problem. Envato support team: Please check this issue urgently, it affects the purchase when customer see we does not support for item.

@KingDog @scottwills ANy one fix the issue.

We dont provide Support :smiley:


Same here.

Yea, this should be fix soon :confused:

Yup! Same here.

I got same problem. Hope this will be solved soon.

Same here, it seems bug and will be fixed soon.

Same bug here

Same here, cannot login to themeforest as well. :rage: :rage: :rage:

Seriously guys… It’s 2nd time

Same here. Just had a tweet to EnvatoHelp. It’s pathetic.

Please fix this ASAP. Users will never buy our items if it’s not fixed :confused:

Hi Everyone,

Briany here from the Envato Help Team, wanting to let you know that we’re looking into this now.


Same here … would love to see more quality assurance & testing before releasing new dev addons

all buyers will become professional runners from our item pages when seeing there’s no support

Same here! This is not acceptable. Don’t you look what you change after you make updates???