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Envato has been suspended Codevz account and XTRA WordPress Theme. Why Envato refuse buyers refund requests after a week when there are a lot of reasons for the refund as below:

  • Item doesn’t work as describes
  • Item doesn’t work the way it should
  • Demo Importer is not working
  • Theme has bug latest version downloaded from ThemeForest
  • Support not work with Envato purchase code
  • Premium Plugins does not install
  • Theme activation is not working
  • Theme and Plugin updates are not available

XTRA theme was $19 and it means $13 of item sales was for Envato marketplace and the author only received $6 of each sale, So Envato must be held accountable and answer refund requests and tickets faster, Buyer can’t wait for you anymore.

PS. As I know, when Envato suspended Codevz account, there was $10,000 in Codevz account which they said to me in their support site, So Envato should accept buyer refunds because Envato has been suspended enough money from Codevz.



No one on the forums will be able to help with this, nor has details for the account being disabled.

You need to contact support https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new, although just for clarity, while if your purchase was very recent then they may make exceptions, the T&Cs that we all agree to when buying items are clear that Envato cannot guarantee the lifespan or availability of any item. https://themeforest.net/legal/market


Support do not answer after 6 days. I know about rules, but when the item does not work as described, What should we do?!


How old is the purchase? Did you submit a ticket or a refund request? https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund-

Unfortunately only support can help you resolve the issue - I’m sure they will reply ASAP


Envato does not reply to refund requests and left me waiting for weeks now.
I shall never buy nothing from here any more. I feel cheated by Envato.


@charlie4282 stop defending Envato with empty answers.
I bought over 150 dollars in the last two months, and there are 3 purchases of Xtra theme. Packaging does not answer my requests!
I was hooked when I trusted this company!


Absolutely agree. The nonexistent attention to the client is not justified with any contract.

I bought the Xtra theme just a few months ago. I have sent several emails to ENVATO, from the web as via email.

I’ve been more than 10 days without having any kind of response from envato.

I have not had a single answer. None, 0

Don’t doubt that it is the last time I will buy something here and I will take care that anyone who knows and considers buying something here does not do it.



Wow …
It turned out that I was not the only one who was harmed. I also bought Xtra Theme and cannot be used because the update link and the help service are not available. Already two weeks ago I submitted a refund request, but there was no response from Envato. Only automatic answers from the system that I received.

And I’m not a new customer at Envato. I’ve bought a lot of products at Envato.

If Envato is professional and responsible, what solution is given for this?


Just got a response from Envato regarding this.

Basically fobbing me off and moving the responsibility over to the Codevz team.

Envato need to respect the consumer more as this is not the first instance I have had with Envato regarding very poor customer service.


Thank you for your patience while we have looked into this for you. We understand that Codevz posted an article directed to customers on their support website regarding the XTRA WordPress Theme item. We encourage you to read this recent update from Codevz regarding their item - https://codevz.ticksy.com/article/14301/

In light of this, you can find your purchase code by following these steps:
1. Log into your Envato Market account.
2. Hover the mouse over your username at the top of the screen.
3. Click ‘Downloads’ from the drop-down menu.
4. Click 'You may still download your License certificate & purchase code (text) for this item.’
5. Once the text file has been downloaded, you can find your purchase code listed in the license certificate next to ‘Item Purchase Code’.

_Please see this help centre article for more information on how to find your purchase code: _


Kind Regards,

Envato Customer Success


They sent me exactly the same answer.

Not a similar one. Exactly the same. Copy and paste.

They did not even take a moment to read my email and answer me.

This is the kind of service ENVATO give.

It’s really embarrassing and unprofessional. I’ve thrown my money away, it will not happen again.


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