XML file does not work in Wordpress Education Pack

I downloaded a Wordpress theme and when I install it it tells me that the XML file is not correct, how can I fix it? I’ve seen to have it.

The theme is Nickdarkthemes Educational Package, I think your nickname is @nickdark
If you can help me I would appreciate it!


Please check this helpful Theme Installation guide article:

Also you can check documentation (included in theme purchased download) to get help you how to use the theme.


Yes, we have already looked at it, and we understand how it is installed. The problem is specifically this issue, that the XML file is wrong.
There are more users who have made this query in Themeforest, it is a problem of the elements that are uploaded to envato and themeforest, I understand that we need the correct XML file to boot.

in wordpress theme installation this error should not display. but in theme demo manual export this type of error can display.
So, please make sure you are trying wordpress theme installation.
may ewe know the full title of the theme. and also you can share the screenshots what is wrong there.


This is the theme


We are sure that we have done the installation well. We have followed all the steps, as I say we are not the only ones with this problem. The author should provide this file. In addition, we cannot open a ticket in its support because we obviously do not have a license code to have downloaded from Elements

so, you are trying to import demo. to import demo manually you will need .xml file. please check in your download is there any demo export xml file. also you can check theme documentation to know how to use the theme for your website. Thanks

Yes, the file is, but as you can see in the capture it is not correct. I attached it to you.
I understand that this is the problem, that the file is defective

yes from the screenshots I think the file is the problem. check theme documentation if get any help there.

The only way to contact is to put a support ticket on your page, but I can’t because it asks me for a license and having downloaded Envato with the license I don’t have any license.
Then, or I buy the theme in ThemeForest and I get a license or I can’t move on, which seems unfair to me since every month I pay a subscription with Envato Elements and they should solve this problem since the template is wrong on your page

as envato elements don’t provide purchase code you can try to contact theme author going through author profile page then in right side you will see a contact form. you can use that form to request the author to guide you how to import demo. Thanks