xforwoocommerce product filter interfering with permalink for product-category overwrite

Hi all!

We’re using the xforWoocommerce plugin Product Filters on our WP Pepper Theme installation.

Something strange is occuring when changing the permalink setup. Default for “product-category shortcut” said “product-category” which we wanted to change to the name of our shop (fanshop).

After doing this, when filtering on the shop page for a category, the url changes to /fanshop/name-product-category which looks great. However, it’s an ajax url or something relative? Because when refreshing the page, you end up at a product detail page in the category (with the right path though /fanshop/name-category/name-product.

The product-tag is not overwritten in the permalink settings in WP, and that one works with the default system name (you get ugly urls though /product-tag/…

Does anybody know what is happening here? Would really appreciate the help!