XBOX Framework. Help, I need opinions for my next item.

Hello everyone, for some months I have been developing my next article. I’m excited because I’m already in the last stages of development.

My article is about a “Framework” to create administration pages and metaboxes for wordpress very easily with many types of options.

So before publishing it, I need you to help me solve some doubts I have.

1) I’m using php namespaces. I understand that it is used from php 5.3, but I was wondering if it is correct to use it in wordpress. Do you use it in your projects?

2) It is not a plugin. For now to use it has to be included in a project manually. So I was wondering if I should convert to a plugin, to install it from the plugins section.

3) What type of license is the one that my buyers should use? Since they would use it for their themes or plugins.

I’m sorry for my English. :smile:

I appreciate your response.

Here some captures of my item.