Xampp vs Zend Server

I’ve been using Xampp for web development. Recently i wish to try to move from Xampp to Zend Server and the result is i got 500 Internal Server Error.

I have a little knowledge about apache and php. Searched about moving from xampp to zend is difficult, but there’s no post that really solves. does any member here ever solved?

thank you.

btw, am i in the right place here asking such thing? :smiley:
also : what is real difference between Xampp or other amp servers with Zend server?

If you’re a PHP dev then, you might want to stick around with LAMP, most servers use it. Also, Zend server isn’t optimized enough to even touch .net or related standard!
If you motive is code in php but, make sure that performance is beyond .net and java then, you might want to opt for a tweaked php to cpp, HPHP or HipHop PHP
Zend server is good for people who use zend framework as , ‘I think’ it is optimized for classes in that package.
Personally, I have been a php dev since more than 2 years now and I dislike Zend fw + server…

About your 500, it is because, your server cannot understand few things, are you sure, your codes are fine? did you check your .htaccess?