X theme expired, copied from older version

After I copied the X theme folder it is just displaying code. Is there anyway to fix that or am I stuck repurchasing the theme (and will that help anyway)? https://avwebmaster.com

I can guess you are talking about in wp-admin when you are going to edit post it is displaying code instead of your visual design and same for front end. If answer is yes then I would like to say it is doing problem for Visual Composer competibity issues. Please check your theme compatibility and your site exisitng theme, plugins version. If you can’t fix it then you have to contact theme Author and if your support expired the you have to etend your support or will need to hire a freelancer. Thanks

Does that mean I will have to also purchase visual composer?

Are you using the copied files on a second site?

If you are original theme purchaser then you have gotten that vc plugin with theme plugin bundle. Just contact theme Author and let them know your concern. theme Author will assist you.

Well that’s interesting. I purchased the latest version and after several failures and support from the Envato, it was “successfully” installed… Except the Dashboard X theme won’t drop down per their documentation. I will say their support is slow–the fastest response is 3 hours, the worst is over 6 hours (still waiting).