X theme - Cornerstones

Hi all, I bought X theme a while back but never installed it. I just started a new project and decided to install. I see cornerstones is now Free with X Theme. If I installed X theme where do I find cornerstones please? or do I have to buy again? Thanks

Download the latest version of the theme and update to use that version

Thanks for the swift reply mate.
Have done but still no joy. Where would it show please?

https://theme.co/cornerstone/ says it’s free with the theme so normally I would expect you to go to your downloads page

Download the theme to make sure you have the latest version and install that - then it would prompt you to install the plugin

Otherwise drop a comment on the theme and they will tell you what to do.

it should be in a folder called plugins or extensions (or similar).

if you have installed the latest version of the theme, you might also be instructed how to install it, but most times it should be within the theme files unless it’s downloaded from an external source.

As Charlie pointed out, ask on their support and they will be able to help

Cracked it thanks!

I just logged in to WORDPRESS and updated the Cornerstone and it gives me a FATAL Error now Fatal error: Class ‘XSG’ not found in /home/sdamarketing/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cornerstone/includes/integrations/x-shortcodes.php on line 31 I cant even log into WORDPRESS NOW at http://sessionstudios.ca/admin YIKES help please.