Wzone update keeps showing up in plugin updates available but then says forbidden when....

Wzone update keeps showing up in plugin updates available on Wordpress, but then says forbidden when I click to download it… any one able to advise on what is happening please?
Thank you,

Did you buy the plugin on it’s own or bundled with a theme?

I purchased the plugin on its own approx a year ago and have a license etc for it, it’s just strange how it shows as an update is available in wordpress /dashboard/updates and when i click to update it, it says forbidden and then disappears!

Appreciate you will be outside support period but you could always use item comments to ask the author if you need to be aware of anything.

Also check the item page and see when the last item was listed for

Thanks. Yeah I did all that last week, and not seen any response to my comment. And when i checked the latest version on the plugin it said January 2023, however this that keeps showing as an update available is a much newer version than that. I appreciate your time and replies, thank you. I’ll keep an eye on it and keep my security up to date etc. :+1: