wwww.videohive.com watermark

I need to remove the www.videohive.com and Lorem Ipsum watermarks from the AE project. But I can’t find it anywhere.

And I need to to remove this yesterday. Please help.

I really need an answer on this. I bought an AE template, and it has www.videohive.com in the corner, and Lorem Ipsum on the bottom of the frame. But I can’t find that layer inside the AE project.

Sorry to be blunt, as it was only a $25 purchase, but I won’t be coming back to Envato if I can’t get a prompt answer that gives instructions on how to clean this up. And I’ll tell all the Social Media forums that I frequent to avoid anything having to do with Envato and Kalisman in particular.

I need an answer PRONTO!

It shouldn’t have a watermark on the item once you download it.

Are you sure you downloaded the correct version?
Please try downloading the item from this page:

Maybe the watermark and the dummy text are not a layer, maybe they are a separate object created with Essential Graphics? Happened to me once :frowning:

You can also directly contact the author of the AE template, by following the steps described here: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203039054-How-to-contact-an-author

I have downloaded it several times from that page, and it is no different. So I am confident I have the correct version.

I have tried to communicate with the author, twice now. They have been unresponsive. This is frustrating, and a big waste of my time - but more than that, I am disappointed.

Is there no one else who can resolve this for me?

This is the DL page for my purchase.

Which I realize is not a direct link to my DL page. But here is the product I’ve purchased, and can’t currently use.

I really hope that I receive an answer with proper directions, in time to deliver to my client. Any help is appreciated!

I saw this comment on the item, from another customer, maybe this could be helpful?


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