Wrong show preview image SOFT REJECTION

The poster almost went through a correction, but there is probably a mistake on the envato side, because this content shows an old rejected poster … How do I solve this problem? Should I send it again?

I am very much surprised when reviewer soft rejected your item and asked you the correct file then you resubmit your item just Commenting with:
Thank you for your time.

where you should to explain the issues solution and what you have done to fix it or you can ask them about the issue and can explain if something wrong.

your resubmission went in the wrong track and I think that’s why hard rejected.

hi i do no underside anything … how could u have a history for a hard rejected flyer , in the first place ? what do u mean, too, that your preview is not the one that u had uploaded?

Yes, the flyer in the preview is not what I sent.
Showing an incorrect flyer from ancient history …
Why would I have to be responsible for this if it’s not my fault?

I know how difficult it is to get here for sale, so I always check things to ship.

in that case you should to explain the originality to the reviewer in comments for the Reviewer. So that they can check it throughly. Also they soft rejected aand asked you the correct file, so you had options to update it with the correct file and submit.

If you like to submit the item again that you must have to explain about last rejection and have to write comments about why this submission (already rejected). Hope review team will consider it.


hi i did not say u were … apparently something went wrong i tried to identify what it was to ultimately help u … but if this is exactly as u mentioned, i guess that u should try to contact the help center about a technical problem indeed

Did I resubmit the flyer again, describing that all the files are added correctly and the result? REJECTED: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I guess the reviewer slept badly
I have to laugh now …

there is never any guaranty , this is why i always advice not to resubmit anything … (i mean apart from soft rejections , even if this is not even free from surprises for this too)

I don’t know what the reviewers are, but such behavior comes across the line. So if the leaflet has the required quality and the problem is only in some “missing” file, then I do not see any reasons for rejection!

What are the rules?

u did not get it buddy , the thing here is the lack of guideline , in my view … the soft rejection was from someone and the hard one from another , according to me