Wrong search results are costly fix the search engine

It is so easy to create a site and just start living from the earnings, forgetting about customers, because… who cares, right?. Recently I needed a template for WordPress, so I sent my designer a link to Themeforest hoping that he could pick one of the designs and send me his customization, so he did, he chose the first result from the link and worked that one.
I was confident, the client approved the design and so I came to make my purchase, but what a surprise, the chosen template is not a WordPress template. The search results will just throw you a list of the results ignoring that they do not comply with your requisites.
At least search results should warn you about the problems with each template it offers.

This template has the following tags related to your search: xxx, zzz, aaa
This template does not contain the following tags: yyy

I now will have to buy the template and hire someone to convert it to WordPress, thanks themeforest

While search definitely has areas form improvement currently, I don’t think that not choosing the right category can be held against envato. They hardly hide it from buyers (it’s not in their interest to create confusion)

If the person searching had:
a) chosen the WP category either before searching OR
b) from the search results filter on the left when the results were shown
then they would only have seen WP themes

The category is also listed:
a) at the top of the item page
b) in the software version on the right-hand column
c) and more often than not in the item description

Can you share an example fo a site which shows:

Sure, there is… ehmmmm Google

By the way, the link I shared with my designer was:


Again I am not saying search couldn’t be better but in both item titles it does say "HTML template" and in the categories to the left site tempaltes, and again in each item it will again reiterate this.