Wrong Review Process



Hi Guys. That’s really unacceptable. And here is my story.
I have uploaded one of my item on 5th August, and of course is took 10 days to get reviewed, and that’s fine. (i can wait :slight_smile: )

The reviewer comments, wasn’t really acceptable and really logic for me, like: " General Prefixing
Theme does not prefix properly, such as PHP function names " - that’s fine, but the problem is that all these functions was part of Class (and our Class has prefix) so it doesn’t make any sense. - but that’s ok, it’s a new reviewer.

We have fixed and reuploaded - it’s took 2 days (that’s long term) but that’s still ok ( I can wait :smile: ), the problem is the comment that we got:
Issues are still there, please go over all of the items, fix them and resubmit for an additional review.

So we have triple checked everything, and reuploaded again, now is took 3 days (that’s huge time) but that’s still ok. What killed me was the answer:
Thanks for the changes.
Sorry, but I still keep finding issues from previous review.” - now that make me really angry or hungry, or I don’t know.

So I have reuploaded and explained each point of his review, what make sense what not etc…
And Guess What ? Is took almost 3 days and still no reply, but if I will receive same comment like " Sorry but i Still keep finding issue. " … that can kill me


Make sure you’re uploading the correct files and not the same old files. Try renaming them, maybe it’s some caching issue or something like that.


Hungry?!?! :smiley:


I am also facing same issue. :expressionless:


Thanks. But I am naming each file with the new version. Everytime.


Don’t worry you are not alone. We have uploaded theme 26 days ago and have 7 soft rejects for now. Every 2-3 days we receive answers with nonexistent issues and different practices that are not documented on themeforest but required by reviewers.

We will share a full story with all current theme requirements on this forum later (after theme approval if it happens some day :slight_smile: )


Now I get much more upset.

Here is what happened:
He gave us feedback, but all the issues are related to CodeStar Theme Options that we are using, if we will change the CodeStartFramework, then how we will update ?!

Anyone know how that can be solved ?



I think problem is not only in Codestar Framework, because in ThemeForest a lot of authors using this framework in their themes without any problem, some items are:

for eg:


and much more.

I followed ThemeForest’s rules also WordPress coding starands, when develop framework. and spent extra time for classes, prefixes, theme-check, themeforest-check etc.

[Solved] Only Frameworks from the list?

We are one of your fan, and using your theme is many many themes, but the problem is that new reviewer doesn’t accept, if you want i can send you the feedback, and you will see that all the issues are related to Codestar.


Codestar framework looks very interesting and good. But recently (since early August I guess) review standards became much stricter so there may be problems that you didn’t face before.


@NRGthemes yes you can report issues to me via [Github Repo Issues][1] or [PM][2] I am ready for fixes.
[1]: https://github.com/Codestar/codestar-framework/issues/new
[2]: http://themeforest.net/user/codestar#contact


I have used codestar framework in my last few themes like -

theme check was ok… but in current project TF says to use prefix in all function … :frowning: