Wrong Rating and Comment By Froud Customers

Dear Author I am sure we all faced same time of issues many time. Some froud customer just purchase and drop BAD ratting and Bad comment without Dropping REFUND Request …

Without knowing anything about process they try to mess our reputation and they doesn’t feel what they has done …

I would like to share comment link with you :-

I have dropped message to Envato before 5 days but still 1 star Rating available … don’t know why ?

Giving REFUND is Never a problem, Custom Intention should not Wrong.


Rating URL : Reviews for W3CMS-Laravel | Content Management System

Customer has done negative comment on our 140+ items before 3 days … now again doing same.

He did not Drop Refund Request same time and Drop 1 star rating and deleted 3 times.

After that he submit Refund Request one day later and We really wanted to give Refund as we give others but this guy is suspected that’s why we are waiting to give Refund.

You should check and suspend this person account as this person is totally Froud we can share screenshots … he has done same thing with other big companies also.

Old Review : Screenshot by Lightshot

Current Reviews : Screenshot by Lightshot

Doing comment regularly HOW ?

Why Envato is not disabling this person account ? Or bounding this person ?

Why you are going time to play this person ?

Fake Refund and Blackmailing By This Customer on Other Companies also :

This person has done same comment on 150+ companies on Twitter

Please check and immediate close/suspend his account.


You will need to share this screenshots and your comments/request directly to envato author aupport. Please open an Envato Customer support Help ticket and let them know.


You’re violating the terms of conditions by offering the 30 day refund guarantee on your website - you cannot complain when the user requests refund.

As start, you need to/have to remove the offer from your website.

In addition your comment to the reply “negative comment , please suspend this person account” doesn’t sound professional and my suggestion, you need to learn how to deal with the clients in a better way even though they are pushing your limits.