wrong purchase

I want to buy a WordPress theme. its URL is

Ad Astra - Business & Consulting by BoldThemes | ThemeForest .

But I bought another one by my mistake.

Item ID:
Purchase Date:
2022-11-11 09:09:08 UTC

Can you please deactivate its license I want to buy an “ad-astra.bold-themes”

Please help me.

If you haven’t downloaded the theme, you can request a refund and purchase the theme.
If you downloaded the item already, you can ask @BoldThemes if they’re okay with the refund after you purchase the second theme

Thanks for you.


Please submit a refund request here: Sign In | Envato Account and we will approve it. Once you get refunded, you can buy a new license of Ad Astra.

Kind regards,

BoldThemes team

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Thanks sir.