wrong product, lack of description


I bought a video project thinking it was an after effects project but it wasn’t. What worries me is that the page never specifies that the project was in apple motion, it even says it’s an AE remake, but in the whole description, they never mention is not AE (here’s the link that misslead me https://videohive.net/item/transforming-logo/4152784?s_rank=1)

The thing is that there is an after effects project for that animation, but it cost 28 dollars and i already paid 10 dollars for a project i’m never gonna use.

I would kindly like to ask for a refund so that i can buy the project that i need (this https://videohive.net/item/logo-transforming/83801)

I appreciate your help


This is a community forum, so not the place to get support or refunds. However, please note that the category of items are shown above the item’s title:


As for the refund, see this help article: