Wrong Order, can I return?

I placed a wrong order, instead of a Wordpress Theme I got an HTML theme. I have no use for an HTML theme because those I can build myself. I noticed my error after opening the downloaded ZIP file. I deleted the ZIP file from my computer already.

Can i get a refund (a voucher would be fine) to buy the thing I actually wanted? That would be very generous of you. As I said I already deleted the files locally, so please don’t assume I’m trying some sort of scam here.

Hi @opresnik_net ,

You can request a refund here. You have already downloaded the item. So, item author can decline the refund request, you can politely request for the refund in your refund comments.

Here is all the information about refunds:
Envato Market Refund Rules


Thanks for the quick response! Appreciate it!

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IF You have already downloaded the ZIP file then there may be less chance to accept the refund order because I have similar experience previously I was involved in the front end development project called QuikPlace - [Influencer Marketing Platform] [link removed by mod] I did making the purchase of HTML theme instead of WordPress and downloaded the theme zip. My refund request was not accepted.