Wrong license - next steps?

Hello again, recently I found my music used in tv special documentary aired on Indian tv network “Epic Channel” (they purchased standard license :sob:). I sent an email to them but without a response. What steps should I take next?

Edit: I’m afraid it wasn’t only my music that has been used. I will write details below. Maybe you will find your music too.

The TV special is called "Nagaland - The Hornbill Festival” and it was aired couple times including 10th of November 2018 (3:00 PM, 5:00 PM, 7:00 PM, 9:00)

4:31 - 6:00 - my “China” music

I bought subscription so you can login and watch:

L: szw75@wp.pl
P: envato123

Edit: Found an email directly to the producer! Fingers crossed :pray::pray::pray:


Hey Shymon! Same thing happened to me recently. Here’s the whole story from start to end:

Wish you the best of luck! :four_leaf_clover:

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I’m surprised that Epic offer a subscription that allows you to share it with anyone that visits a public forum!

Whoa! What’s with the passive aggression about that? Why concern yourself with what Shymon decides to do with his epic login details?

Because there might be a certain level of double standards going on if somebody is concerned about a buyer not getting the correct license, while at the same time they’re giving out their login details for a paid subscription. But that’s if it states in the terms that logins can’t be shared… I’m assuming they can’t but I don’t know for certain, which is why I went with my choice of words.

Two wrongs don’t make a right. My TLDR point is pretty much…

“Why concern yourself with what Shymon decides to do with his epic login details?”

Isn’t far off saying…

“Why concern yourself with what your buyer decides to do with the audio track?”

What a weird distorted way of thinking. Shymon and possibly others have been abused by this channel. He simply found a way to get information about this copyright violation. But, yeah you’re right what Shymon did is exactly the same as what thoses thieves did. You remind me of someone who said there were good people on both sides… Jeez SpaceStock your hatred for you fellow authors is really intriguing, what is that about?

I just wanted to give a chance for people to check if their music was used or not.


Exactly! Seems like crisckarcker didn’t quite see the irony in what he was saying. And you didn’t quite get that I was pointing out that irony, rather than actually suggesting Shymon shouldn’t be concerned about incorrect usage. You are aware that it’s possible for two people to be wrong at the same time, right? That what the buyer did is wrong, and that it’s wrong for Shymon to share his login details? Unless, you’re suggesting that authors can do no wrong, and the eye for an eye approach is the right one?

Well, isn’t that what the Bible says? In this case it would be an eyelash for an eye.

Seriously, how are the two comparable? The intention of Shymon is not to abuse, which makes a big freaking difference!

There is no irony here. My question was, why are you getting all up into someone else’s business? Both points, whether Shymon shares his login details, or decides to investigate his customer’s licence use… Neither is your concern.

After few emails they bought the correct license :slight_smile: victory :beers::beers::beers:


Way to go!


Great feeling, eh!? Hahahah! :slight_smile: Congrats Shymon, my friend! It’s totally worth it to kindly reach out the customer and/or agency hoping to find a fair solution. Happy for ya! :beers:

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