wrong homepage?

Hello there,

I hope you can help me. I’m new to Wordpress and it has been a bit hard, but I guess I did the most part oke. I downloaded the theme (VEGA) and put everything on WP incl the demo’s. I really would like to use homepage 1, from the demo to work with and change the tekst and pictures. Under my home button the page goes to this page, BUT… when I start the website there’s a different page and not homepage 1… . Looks beautiful to, but not what I need…

Does anyone knows how to change this?

Thanks so much!



go to Settings => Reading and set the front page from the drop down and select the Home button page as your website front page. Hope will help.

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Thank you so much for your reply!

You mean I have to go to theme settings? I can’t find the “front page” or drop down you mention, sorry.
Do you have any other idea’s?

in left sidebar (wp-admin) can you see Settings in settings you will find Reading.
go to Reading, in reading page you will get settings to set front page.

whoowhoo I did it!!! Thank you so much!!