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I published a new video background. I uploaded preview, thumb, .zip file with .png + alpha, everything was agreed, but I can see on the website that instead selling my .png (.zip) contents, there is for sell my preview video.!!!

I can’t fine the way how to quickly contact support team.
Any ideas please?

Thank you



Thank you

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Still no answer. Still wrong content.
At least they will take a share in case wrong product will be sold. :joy:

Quictime Png+Alpha codecs not allowed,

use ProRes codec :beers:

Rather than waiting for support, why not just go into the edit page of your item and upload the correct content… making sure not to include Quicktime PNG.

And what does “Full HD 1920×1080 or 3840×2160” mean? Is it lucky dip, does it include both, or is it one or the other?

And that’s the reason why I’m in this forum as I have not a clue how to edit the content. :no_mouth:
Two options are not lucky dip (very funny :joy:). I uploaded two resolutions at the begging (you know amateurs) but when it was rejected I uploaded only one, changed, text, adjusted all other parts, left message for envato and … all wrong. I’m not sure why they have all those fields on the page if they don’t read them but I do understand it’s very, busy time of year + COVID, so they are busy.

Thanks for reply. :+1:

The edit page is exactly the same as the initial submission page, so you just go in there, upload your zip file containing your item… when it’s uploaded it will be a selectable option in the main item drop down, and then submit. Job’s a good 'un.

Well, there are good and bad news.
Good news is that I managed to find the EDIT button :grinning: and upload all files and description.
Another good one is that I already received an email:

Congratulations! Your update to Hanging Sale Tags on VideoHive has been approved. You can view your item here:

[link removed]

Thanks for your submission!

Envato Market Team

The only bad news is that nothing has changed on the website, not even description.

The submit files button updates your item. The save changes button updates your description. If you alter the description, then submit your files without pressing the save changes button first, the description won’t change.

Quick question… how do you know that Envato are selling your preview video rather than the actual item? Can you describe the steps you took in detail? Based on all of the information you’re providing, I’ve got a feeling that the issue might not actually exist.

Well. It looks OK now but for some reason information for the downloadable items were some kind of detected from preview video or I don’t know … as it was like this:

Frame Rate 24
|Resolution 1920x1080|
|Video Encoding H.264
|File Size 38.01mb
|Number of Clips 1
|Total Clip(s) Length 0:25

So basically nothing was the truth. Maybe it was my fault to not saving progress between different entries but I though 1 save at the end it’s enaugh.

Would you pay for that preview video $10? :grinning: