Wrong color on Themeforest



I found a bug in the display of green color on all pages in my PSD-design.
Please look for example http://take.ms/InPSu
Green appears much brighter than in my design.
Help me please.



same here ( 1. on envato: http://prntscr.com/ad6ht6 2. on my computer and all devices from JPG: http://prntscr.com/ad6ink ) , don’t understand why. Like CMYK in PS.
Do you contact to envato support?


Yeah, I contacted to Envato Team. I think may be they compressed files for optimization?


I reupdate it a few times with this notice, but reviewers changed only first image in theme preview. Yes it is new compression tool I think. Hope it will be fixed soon!


Thank you, I hope too.