Wrong category - hard reject?

I mistakenly uploaded the “Christmas Ident Pack” to the music pack category and got a hard reject, does this mean that if the reviewer finds that any of my tracks do not match the category then it will be immediately hard reject?

No. The reviewer selects the desired “category” if the material is suitable for placement in the store. Have you had a rejection for another reason.

In my case, all the materials were tested and posted on the site, I just made a mistake in the category. Now I will have to download the same again and wait 14 days

wrong category? I think it should be soft rejection… but mostly curators think overall about quality and suitability

The reason for rejecting my pack is the wrong category. I am also surprised and wrote in support. I was told: “I know that this is disappointing news and while we are unable to provide any further feedback, an alternative way to get feedback before submitting it again is to post a screenshot or link on the appropriate Market forum.” The pack consists of Christmas themes :cry: I downloaded the package again, but I will lose time on a new download