Wrong Category. Dear Reviewers Please Help

I chose wrong category for my previous submission and checked it only today. I was trying send the message to reviewer via Edit panel, but looks like it is not working without any files update. Is it possible to change the category from Video Displays to Openers for this template https://videohive.net/item/opener/18600625 I know that adding links here is forbidden, but it’s not a self promotion.

Best Regards, Roman

Can’t you just update one of the files, but ‘update it’ with the same file?

As far as I know nowadays it’s an auto update. Yes I can upload new archive, but I still can not choose / change the category. It’s only reviewer, or maybe senior reviewer rights or I’m wrong?

Best, Roman

Oh yeah, forgot about that… sorry! Yeah, you’re best dropping a line to support see if they can get a reviewer to change it.

I’m sure they can, but the question is how much time it will take :slight_smile:

Impossible to say until after it’s been changed!

Wouldn’t it work if you added or changed a tag?

Hey there @RomanP just go ahead and open a support ticket over on Envato Help & Support Center and a reviewer will be assigned your ticket and assist you in correcting the category. Cheers!

I did it ~ 15 hrs ago :slight_smile:

Best, Roman

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