Writing a warning about cheap replicas in item's description

I know it’s not OK to bash competitors in item description, but I want some suggestions how to fight against poor, low reputation copy cats.

The story: made a unique PHP script for CodeCanyon. The only similar solution on Envato was out-of-date, had only about 30% of features, and was rated bad by buyers. Needless to say, script got popular enough and received good reviews. Then, made another unique script, which also started receiving great reviews.

Some time a later, a new copycat-author comes from nowhere and releases his own script, which is a combination of my 2 scripts. Yes, it only has about 20% of features my items have, but still…

Of course, I realize there are many similar items on Envato, and it’s perfectly fine, but… The copycat lacks knowledge and imagination so much, that for the last 2 months, every time I make updates to one of my scripts (I add new features often), a week or two later he adds exactly the same features to his script, and proudly screams about new “unique” features on his item’s description.

Enough is enough! Hence, I’m planning to write some “introduction” text about my item, saying that this item is original and there’s a cheap replica on the market, and only original script buyers receive new unique features, while replica’s buyers get copycat features a week or two later, and will never receive unique features (because copycat has no creativity).

Of course, that’s not the exact text I’m going to write, but you get the idea. Needless to say, it will not include any links or replica’s/author’s names. If that’s not OK what are my other options?

As long as you don’t name or link them then it is probably ok BUT I would storgnly recommend not doing it. It just comes across as a bit whiney and petulant (with respect!).

Let your item speak for itself

To be honest, I also do NOT want to do it. But I have no more ideas how to prevent guy from copying my new features every few weeks and adding these “new” features to his own script. Because he simply misleads Envato buyers…

If someone has other suggestions, please share. Like I said, I like the competition, but doing copy/paste of other author item’s features is not a competition of any kind.