Write your name account on your preview tracks =)

Dear Audiojungle Authors !
Please , when you upload your tracks you write how it call , for example: ( Happy.wav - Happy.mp3 ) .
But when you upload the preview track , don`t name please ( Happy_preview ) .
Please name it how your account is name for example: (Happy_WildLion_Production or Happy_Pinkzebra)
Please because its hard to search who downloaded for preview .
In this forum many spam-topics with this problem .
So it’s easier to find the track and the author, do you agree?
Will not be created spam-topics and it will be easier for everyone to work)

Friends let’s help our customers!
Thank you !
WildLion =)


I could be wrong but I don’t think the name we use when we upload the preview track determines the name it actually has when people download it from the site. Can anyone confirm this?

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For example, how do you write? just a preview or how?
I think that is displayed)

It doesn’t matter what you name it. The site changes it anyway. @PaulGraves is correct. The name of the .zip changes too. You have no control over it.

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can you confirm?
then it is very bad, why not put the name of the author? to find it easier!

When I download previews they include all the information - number, name and author.

@Flumen no dude its work !!!
just download any my preview an say !

Yes, this is what it says:


Yes , and its easy to find .
Just need write for example : Chill-Corporate and add with probel name author .
Chill-Corporate WIldLion_Production
And site add wat need to site ( 21248796 _preview.mp3 )
And final : 21248796_Chill-Corporate _by_wildlion_production_preview.mp3
Enjoy :blush:

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The site adds everything.

You can call it “space is a cold, cold place” and it will still be called “21248796_chill-corporate_by_wildlion_production_preview.mp3” when you download it.

Hello, I might be new to the site but…

The thing is, you give an example… and you are searching the track “Bright”… byt the author “Happy Sound”. You can’t find it because it has been removed, see here:


I guess this author has left Audiojungle.

As others say, Audiojungle adds the name of the author, always. But here it is confusing because “Happy sound” can sound like… the name of a track :slight_smile:

To add to this, I will add that I also always add metatags to my Wavs and mp3, so even if you rename them, you’ll still find me :slight_smile:

If track deleted you cannot find .

If you download from scratch it will be like my very easy.
But to update the name in preview, I think not happen.