Write Your Advice To All Envato Authors


Kindly share us with your useful experience to be a guide for all Envato Authors…and we will be thankful for you

  • Don’t rush – It’s a marketplace aimed at pros and high quality items take time (even for the best).

  • Examine what’s for sale already. Use this to understand expectation and quality required to be approved.

  • Do NOT focus on quick earning. Success takes time and commitment.

  • If you are rejected and think you have fixed it over night – you haven’t!

  • Look at your files from a 3rd party perspective. Does it offer/compete with others in terms of functionality, versatility and premium value. in terms of quality. Why would someone want to buy it?

  • Think quality over quantity. Files need to be of a premium standard and value but over the top unnecessary features cause more damage than good.

  • Know your file’s purpose and keep features relevant and avoid unnecessary confusion.

  • Think attention to detail.

  • Reviewers are not your enemy. Take rejections as an opportunity to improve and long term sell more.


Loved your reply @charlie4282! Agree with every word :blush:


it’s very good advice and i love it :slightly_smiling:
thank you @charlie4282


Nice said @charlie4282 ,

  • but it’s like always easy to say … after sometime You just got enough
  • and what I saw long time ago here, very unique works just doesn’t sell as well as classic design, classic is always trendy …


i agree with you @WordicaThemes …“classic is always trendy” :slightly_smiling:


a whole lot of true things that many guys do not always keep in mind, however, even with all this, sometimes this is difficult to sell enough to make a living either … .


that’s rather true and something that Charlie failed to mention is that sometimes there are inconsistencies, which is normal, no system and no human being is perfect , however , if u even turn out to b concerned and faced with this, sometimes this is making people feel not good , legitimately enough …


i perfectly agree with the thing saying that quality must prevail, however , the sad thing is that we are still in a rather “volume based system” in which guys have to upload as often as possible so that they can get noticed, sell and everything … and some indulge into playing the volume rather than the quality game …


What I want to say is that “classic is always trendy” but reviewer often reject projects because they are not enough unique … they should also look on it from business side - not only like art critic …


Definitely agree with all the points. I would add

  • Listen to comments from customers
  • Reviewers are part of the reason of this quality marketplace. Don’t take rejections personally


lol are u sur about it ? lol as for me , i see some from a handful of guys being basically almost the same every time and all go through (despite they are not even impressive or just cool …). I also know girl who made a try, her and her bro tried to upload the same file at a time on two different accounts and guess what the file was accepted in both accounts and were on sale on two accounts until they arranged … . I personally also disagree with you, i think that the general look is much more “corporate-oriented” and that this is way easier to have a corporate item approved that a “art” one. However , what is true here no matter where , this is that typos have a huge importance …


without extremes :wink:


Yes, making a living!

A newbie doing quick flyers hoping that the numbers will give them an full time income off the bat, isn’t going to happen.

It takes time to figure out what the mods are after, and time to clean up enough graphic elements to pick up speed. It also takes time to find shortcuts, to pick up speed and not sacrifice that for quality.

It also takes time to get really good at it, so most of the time your work gets accepted.

Words of advise,…don’t do several flyers, at once and send them in, as if one flyer gets clobbered, then one or more of the other ones, could have gotten through if you sent in one at a time and learned from the rejections.

Don’t resubmit, the same one with a different background, etc, vast majority of the time it will get rejected again!

And be on the lookout for other graphic hub sites, your pile of rejected flyers, could have a second chance!



Nice said , i love it @charlie4282 :slightly_smiling:


It is hard to find common advice that matches all the Envato authors no matter it is related technical aspects or selling strategies. Something that fits to Web Design and Graphic markets not necessarily going to work for audio, video and code market authors. Some markets DO require quick earning strategies while some fits only for long term approaches. Some require deep customer support and some require product stability alone. So it is getting hard to find common aspects that works for everyone.

One rare rule of thumb that may come close to everyone is - Not to depend on initial exposure of items as a selling strategy. No matter if search engine works efficiently or not, we all should depend on search and gain basic knowledge about that.


true story for me,

Submitted classic design, got rejected. Submitted unique design, doesn’t sell enough.


Regarding your Documentations about your item:

Please keep in mind that not all Buyers have knowledge regarding the type of files that you are offering.

Sometimes Buyers’ eyes are bigger then their abilities, therefore it is best to offer your Buyers the simple methods of customizing your files.

Buyers that have much knowledge about your type of files probably do not even read your documentation.

Yes, it is not your job to Train your Buyers about your files - but in the end it will translate to a wonderful experience for the less knowledgable Buyers.

So, for you it might seem like a waste of time explaining all the points about how to customize your file -** but to the unknowing Buyer**, you will be offering them an experience that will keep them coming back again for more!


that’s awesome advice :slight_smile: