WPMU and Licenses

Hi, Staff!

Is just had a case, where a customer wanted to use a theme for WordPress Multi Site and I could not answer him, as there is no clear license about it. I found some 3-6 year old threads and this still has not been addressed. Using searches like “WPMU” or “WordPress Multisite” do not yield any results on the Help page.

If there is some info somewhere and I am blind, then my apologies, if not, then could you please provide us with a clear answer about this or just release a WordPress Multi Site license for Themeforest WordPress category? Thank you!

Also, I can see that I can not use normal tags. Please remove the odd restriction or add simple tags like “WPMU”, which could be used to create a thread.

Kind regards,

Hello, anybody there?

Please consider to ask the WPMU team, we are not a community for their support :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot

Unfortunately, you did not understand the question, but thank you for bumping the thread.

by WPMU Kriskorn means WordPress Multi-site, not WPMU the development company, am I right Kris? using WPMU confuses people and the name was changed to WordPress multi site

Gareth is absolutely right and apologies for the confusion. I have now edited the initial post as well.