WPML and translation ready is the same thing ?

hi i want to ask is WPML and translation ready is the same thing ?
should we distributed wpml core plugin in the themes, or just make it wpml ready and let the buyer purchase wpml on 3rdparty

I think you should just make your theme WPML ready, and let buyers purchase wpml themselves.

ok we already test that, thanks

  • You should not include the plugin in your theme. WPML spends a lot of time and money developing and supporting their plugin, they deserve the sales.

  • Translation ready means everything is localized and .mo/.po files are included. WPML compatible means you’ve tested the plugin and included the wpml-config.xml file with your theme if needed.

thanks for reply

so we justusing WPML translation options to generate wpml-config.xml, and just put in on themes and every things done

The wpml-config.xml file should be created manually and it’s used for theme options, customizer settings, meta options that require translations - https://wpml.org/documentation/support/language-configuration-files/

yes of course, i mean by translation options reference,

thank you

:wink: Good luck with your item!