WPLMS unit order is wrong after completing a quiz

Hi all,

I’m using WPLMS version “Version: 2.4 Author:VibeThemes” and i have an issue. I complete any quiz and i am returned to the start of the course. I can skip back to where i was up to and continue on however, as soon as i complete another quiz, the same incorrect redirect happens.

Here’s what i’ve noticed:

  1. It happens with all quizzes.
  2. It happens in all courses that are part of this wordpress install.
  3. Wordpress is in “network” mode and we’re hosting three sub-wordpresses.
  4. I’ve run the updates for all plugins and themes.
  5. It doesn’t happen when i return to a previously completed quiz and click the “Next Unit >” link without doing the quiz.
  6. It happens when i complete a quiz, click “Next Unit >”.

Any help?