wpDatatables, advanced data management with this plugin

I want to use wpDatatables not only for just displaying tables with data in it. On Frontend I want to the UX (user experience) as intuitive as possible. For example: In a relational database I have a table ARTISTS (with artist_ID and artist_name), a table ALBUMS (with album_ID, album_title and a integer field “artist” which refers to the artist_ID) and a table SONGS (with song_ID, song_title, reference field “artist” and reference field “album”).
Using relations between the primary keyfields and the foreign keyfields I’m able to show the complete information of my music-collection on different ways of sorting and ordering the data. The display often is not the problem.

However I want to make the INPUT of data as intuitive as possible. For example: If I am on an Artist Page, I want to see an “Add Song Button” which brings me to a Form where the field “Artist” is already filled in with the ID of the current artist.

Another example: If I am on the Album Page, it should be possible to have a “New Song Input Form” with the fields “Album” and “Artist” auto-filled.

I like to get in contact with developers of web-based data management applications or people who are interested in this kind of stuff.

BTW: I’m just curious how to figure things out. I’m NON-pro in ICT and non-commercial in ICT.