WPBakery white screen wont load

So the issue Im having is thiis.
Every time I go to Edit Page with WPBakery Page Builder I keep getting a white screen and it will not load past that. I am using CRYPTERIO’s theme. What I have tried :
I added the functions to .htaccess file
I removed every single plugin until I only had WPBakery Page Builder
I cleared all cookies etc since beginning of time.
I have tried both Google Chrome and FireFox.
I tried disabling Gutenburg Editor and installed Classic Editor.
This only happens on CRYPTERIO’s theme! (Tested with 2 other themes works fine)
Is there anyone that can help solve this issue, please…

Are you definitely using the latest version of the theme? (released in August)

Are you still within your first 6 months and support period?

Sounds like theme related issue. You can contact the theme author for free support
If you’re interested for quick service, I can offer paid support at Studio as well as this issue may be related to server configuration instead of the theme