Wpbakery visual composer memory error


After activating the eduma theme and the plugins I was getting 500 error, so reinstalled the plugins individually. Installing Wpbakery visual composer gave me:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 805306368 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 17469963724575190624 bytes) in /home/upexam74/public_html/wp-includes/option.php on line 1115

I tried adding memory in the config.Php, but it didn’t help… My host says this is a problem with the theme/plugin as there is enough memory (768 mb).

Can anyone help me?

I guess theme authors should be able to help you. You do have support for that theme, right?

Certainly I do have support, though they do not operate till Monday, and so I was hoping someone here may possibly know a quick solution.

The fact that your server tells you that you exhausted your available memory of 805,306,368 byes, which does in fact equal 768MB, means that your site has an extraordinary high memory load, which I have never seen on any of my client sites.

And the second number 17,469,963,724,575,190,624 bytes, means that your site was attempting to use 15,888,839TB (that is terra bytes) in memory. Some plugin or theme on your site seems to have a very serious memory leak issue, as there is simply no conceivable WordPress setup ever needing that much memory.

Visual Composer itself is not known to have any memory leak problems, at least I never encountered one, so it is either an incompatibility issue between VC and another plugin or your theme, or something else. As a first step, you should deactivate all plugins, with the exception of VC, to see if VC might start working. If it does, reactivate the other plugins one at a time, until you find the one that might cause the conflict.

Temporarily switching your site to a standard WordPress theme (Twenty Twelve, and so forth), might also help.

Most likely, these are the steps any support staff will ask you to do anyway.

Thank you very much for your reply.

I have deactivated all and reactivated individually - all work on their own, but it seems a combination of Visual Composer, Slide Revolution and Site Origin leads to the problem.

Apparently I am the only person this has ever happened to, as all of google has never heard of this)

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If with “Site Origin”, you mean the Site Origin page builder plugin, you should leave that one deactivated, as it is never a good idea to have two competing page builders active at the same time. And there are no known compatibility issues between Visual Composer and Slider Revolution; I personally use both without any issues.

@ThimPress can help you!

Hi Grahkerr,

It’s due to a low PHP configuration on your server - Low PHP Memory Limit.

Please contact your hosting manager and ask they to increase the config. Or Email Me if you need any help.

PS: I am the Eduma author :).

Email Me




It is great to hear from you) I tried increasing the php memory, and contacted my host who told me I had more than enough memory, (768mb) and anyway it could not be increased higher. The host tells me it is a theme/plugin conflict. Unfortunately, thimpress is not responding to my requests for help.

Can you send a request to candy@thimpress.com with subject “Grahkerr - Eduma Support”.

It’s easier for me to follow.



I have sent an email request.