WPBakery Visual composer, help!

Error WPBakery Visual composer when updating Wordpress to 4.5.3. I get the following error message on each side: (swedish)

Notice: get_currentuserinfo har
sedan version 4.5! Använd wp_get_current_user() istället. in /customers/4/7/1/spaceinthemaking.com/httpd.www/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3658

What can I do to solve this?

Kind regards,

Hi Helena,

IF you’re looking for a paid support, you can contact me directly via the email below or Studio link:

Email : gmail(at)moskvayigit.com
Studi : https://studio.envato.com/account/users/9427/enquiries/new



Hey Helena,

Yigit is not right.
You would not pay anyone, he just wants to get money.
You have already payed for support, contact WPBakery and they will help you out.

I’m assuming that you can’t read but it doesn’t mean she has purchased the plug-in, it may come with the theme for free


Guys i need some help.I am using option tree in my theme and i have some problum in color picker implementation.

my code is in function.php file that is

.tags-single ul li a:hover{

<?php $theme_color = ot_get_option('theme_color'); if(isset ($theme_color) && $theme_color != ""){?>

background-color: <?php echo $theme_color;?>
color: #fff;

<?php } else { ?>

background-color: #000 !important;
color: #fff;

<?php } ?>


is this right according to themeforest requirements.


Thanks a lot for your replies! The plug-in came with the theme for free. Is there a way to find help free of charge?

Kind regards,

If the plugin came bundled with your theme, the theme author is your first point of contact for any assistance, as the theme author via its extended license is responsible for plugin updates and support.

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I’m trying to use the wpbakery plugin new version instead built in wpbakery but don’t know how to deactivate built in wpbakery can i just delete ? Thank you

1 possible way is, just find out where this functions “get_currentuserinfo” are declared inside the theme and replace it with “wp_get_current_user()” this function. It will work. I have faced this issue few days back when I update the wordpress. Nothing to worry about it. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



I recently bought Visual Composer and when I want to activate my license I get send to Authorization page ( naturally…). But when I click on approve I get send to a page that says “Server Error” & under it…
"Looks like envato api is experiencing technical problems. Our support portal relies on envato and your request can not proceed at the moment. Please try again later. Error: “Could not save user locally”

Its been a week now and still the same problem.
I couldn’t find this anyone else with this problem and I hope someone can help me.

I’m seriously frustrated???

I’ve purchased Visual Composer but not getting to activate
when trying on http://support.wpbakery.com/licenses it says I have no licenses??

this is for wp@stonelibrary.co.za

Did you buy the plugin independently or did it come with a theme as a bundled plugin?

Visual Composer has simply been renamed to “WPBakery Page Builder Plugin”; nothing else changed. It is still the same plugin, just with a different name.

And “WPBakery” has always been the original author of “Visual Composer”, so nothing changed there either.

The name change was most likely due to some new restrictions imposed by Envato relating to names within product families and WPBakery publishing a new website builder plugin that is NOT sold via Envato. But the now named “WPBakery Page Builder Plugin” (formerly Visual Composer) continues to be available on Envato and continues to receive updates and support from “WPBakery”. It has NOT been discontinued!

Everything about your post is misinformation, you should retract this.

Visual Composer was simply renamed to WPBakery Page Builder, the team and plugin remain exactly the same, the plugin is still updated, maintained and supported.

Thread closed to avoid confusion. Thanks