WPBakery’s Visual Composer Name Change to WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery’s popular Visual Composer plugin has changed their name and is now called WPBakery Page Builder.

Due to the popularity of this plugin, we’re aware that many theme and plugin authors have tags referencing Visual Composer compatibility, as well as Visual Composer logos within the item descriptions. While the functionality of the plugin has not changed, the experience for customers may be confusing.

If you are using WPBakery Page Builder in your item and are still calling it Visual Composer, the time has come to update it.

To update your item, here are three things you can do.

1. Add the new ‘compatible with WPBakery Page Builder’ tag.

To help with the name change, we’ve added a new “compatible with” tag for WPBakery Page Builder, which you can start using right now!

2. Replace any references to Visual Composer within your item descriptions.

Another change that will help future customers is for authors to change any references to Visual Composer within the item description to the new name - WPBakery Page Builder.

3. Replace any Visual Composer logos/images within your descriptions.

As with the last point, replacing any WPBakery images used within your descriptions will also make it easier for customers moving forward.

Thanks for your assistance in ensuring customers continue to have a great experience with your items. We’ll be around to answer your questions in batches over the next seven days. Please remember our Community Guidelines as you post.


Is this a requirement? Or just a recommendation?

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Hi @pixel-mafia, at this stage it’s not a requirement, but we highly recommend it as it will help customers find what they’re looking for :slight_smile:

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