WPBakery - Grid Builder Adding spurious paragraph tags when editing grid elements


for me the hidden paragraph destroys the 4-in-one-row I’m using. Only 3 in a row are displayed.

Why is this bug known for so long and not fixed :frowning:


changing “float:none” from vc_grid.vc_row .vc_grid-item to “float:left” in combination with removing the surrounding <p></p> was a suitable workaround for my case as the grid allows 4 in a row again.

Hope this helps somebody as well.

Edit: Does not work on all occasions :(( Hate this sort of bug…


Ok, definitve workaround for my case was:

  1. entering $('.vc-disable-editor').removeClass('vc-disable-editor'); in JS Console while editing grid
  2. removing <p></p> in the beginning and the end
  3. changing grid from “show all” to “pagination” (!)
  4. either add “999” elements per page or live with pagination (not so bad overall :slight_smile:

Just add the following in function.php

remove_filter( 'the_content', 'wpautop' );
remove_filter( 'the_excerpt', 'wpautop' );

I’ve been fighting with this problem for the past week. The CSS hack worked for a day, then displayed 2 columns instead of 3.
I tried the JS console but couldn’t get the text editor to display.
I tried the Don’t Much with My Markup plugin and it didn’t work either - nothing changed.

Finally did the WPautop line in my functions.php and it worked 100%.

This is a REALLY frustrating bug that I feel should be addressed by WPBakery.

Interestingly, the official fix in one of their latest releases did solve the problem for me.

I also had 2 instead of 3 rows which was really annoying.

Have the same problem, after moving a full row from the bottom of my site to a top section all grid rows are destroyed. All elemets are now shown in one column with full width. None for the solutions above worked until now.

Theme The7 with wpbakery 5.5.4

Need help, thanks

This happened before, after a couple updates it was fixed, then it returned last year and it is really annoying to have to edit each and every post as text, work on wpbakery, return to text mode and have to delete p and br tags all around.

My copy is served with the theme, and the support guys at wpbakery denied support, unless you buy a license. My theme developer confirmed the issue, and said they opened a ticket with them, nothing has happened after 3 months.