WPBakery - Grid Builder Adding spurious paragraph tags when editing grid elements

Grid builder has become impossible to edit grids, because rather than a grid with the specified widths in elements, it always makes single columns. Default grids work, and old grids work, but it is now adding html paragraph tags after each element. This happens editing old grids I previously made, or the preset grids. Is there a way to edit grids with the text editor? I could fix this easily if I could do that. Also, how can I revert a grid to the previous working version, since any edit to any grid makes it unusable?? Has anyone else seen this behavior? I am using the latest version of VC/WPBakery.

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Yes, the same here . It adds two P tags to each element. A very dirty fix would be adding this to your css:
p{margin:0px ; padding:0px; display:inline;}

Same here… it’s really annoying… Grid Builder needs a text view… or better a proper fix

The Plugin “Don’t Muck My Markup” ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/dont-muck-my-markup/ ) worked for me.

But let me add my voice to the chorus … why no text view of the Grid builder?? How hard could that be to include?

Having the exact same problem! For me, it means when I duplicate a Basic grid, it only display the grid items with one item per row. Took me hours and hours to find out it was the P tag.

But that dirty CSS worked great. Thank!

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Where did you put the css?
Sorry I am no programmer.

No effect on my installation

Google is your friend.
Most Wordpress themes have a place where you can add your own CSS in settings. There’s also lots of WP plug-ins that let you add CSS to your Theme.

Just noticed this brilliant fix suggested by cgbrands does not work in Safari.
After scratching my head, I just gave up, and stopped using my custom Visual Composer grid.
I selected one of the 32 different grids already built in, and it work perfectly.

Maybe a full version of Visual Composer fixes this? I just use the free one that came with the BeTheme I’d purchased.

The problem is still there, but I managed to find a workaround. You have to get access to your database, and search in the wp_post table records which have the post_type = vc_grid_item.

From there you can remove the spurious markup, be aware to remove every other space, return, whatever after the last [/vc_gitem]

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This worked for me. Unfortunately you have to edit your database every time you update the grid template. Thanks @siamocreativi

Same bug - so frustrating!

Thanks, it does fix my issue!

The text view is only hidden using the css class .vc-disable-editor
You could remove the class from the component and the textview becomes enabled.
Within the Edit Grid template open up chrome developer tools, go to the console and run the following command:


And voila the editor is visible

I’ve used this to migrate templates between websites


Where do I find the wp_post table in the editor? Thank you!

Another simple solution would be to add display none to the p tag inside the grid container, ex:
.vc_pageable-slide-wrapper p {
display: none;

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Excellen, it worked like charm!

Thank you very much

Thank you. Worked a treat. VC is wrapping the code in a p tag. A bug that requires fixing rather than CSS fudging.

I’m having the same issue, please give us a “Classic Editor”!