WPBakery Back End editor can't showing

I want to edit my page in backend but I when click backend editor, the logo WPbakery just loading and not showing. I just use front end editor now


Please make sure you are using latest version WPBakery plugin.


if i want to update version WPBakery. Should I pay?

have you purchased the plugin or collected from any theme?

I buying theme from envato ( https://live.linethemes.com/nanosoft/ ) and include plugin WPBakery

Please go to WPBakery Page Builder => General Settings
there you will see Role Manager Tab, click on that tab. you will find Backend editor Enbale options, choose Enable from the dropdown. Hope will work for you. Thanks

doesn’t work :frowning:

I can see backend editor is active in your screenshots but I think you don’t have any content so WPBakery editor block are empty. You can import demo to get demo conyent for the home page and website.

previously I could use backend editor. but the next day I want to use it again my backend editor not showing. please help me. I very need it :frowning:

please can you provide screenshots of Classic mode (top of WPBakery Page Builder) of the home page editor.


Please try to edit using backend editor (Click ‘Backend Editor’) and it should to work. If still not work then please contact your purchased theme author here: https://themeforest.net/item/nanosoft-wp-theme-for-it-solutions-and-services-company/22064051/support

Your purchased theme author will assist you.


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