wpbakery add php code


I would like to add this code

<?php include "./cpmfetch.php"; $objCpm = new cpm("./cpmfetch_config.php"); $objCpm->cpm_viewLastAddedMedia(1,4); $objCpm->cpm_close(); ?>

with wpbakery but I don’t see how to add


The default WPBakery Visual Composer only has elements to add HTML and Javascript and doesn’t allow the adding any php code.
to add php code to any WPBakery Visual Composer page you have to create a shortcode in your themes functions.php


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Thank you.

I try to add but don’t working actually

shortcode will work as you know when we add any contact form 7 into post/page/widget we add shortcode. So, try to create your own shortcode and use. Thanks