WP-WooC professional web-programmer


I’am an a world-wide inventor and project creator (startups) and already has worked with IT business giants - Intel, Yandex, etc.

For my unique web-projects I searching for a regular professional high-skilled WP-WooC web-programmer with high-grade prestigious works portfolio. (ONLY WITH HIGH GRADE PLUGINS PORTFOLIO!)


  • Participation as a partner for a percentage of revenue (not because I am a greedy, but because its a best method for a good&fast working motivation);
  • My project will become an unique worldwide market so you can make a translation to your language (except Eng and Ru that already have they representatives) and sell our goods at your country or even region for your gain!
  • I have very many good ideas for a new plugins - so you can earn some money on those new plugins too (for example: New WP-WooC plugin - component products from predefined components);
  • Our collaboration must have a higher priority of all your works to make all work on my projects fast and reliable.

I absolutely honest person - we can talk at Skype with video and sign the contract.


Waiting for your response!

Best regards.

Hi I am a certified and professional web programmer with expertise and skill set matching your requirements. You can check out my exclusive web applications and wp plugins. I am also an exclusive author at envato market.

I am looking forward to work for you… You may check out my profile and exclusive products. Please drop me an email so that we can get started. After having a detailed discussion via skype : expertazhar
We will sign the contract.

Looking forward to your quality feedback / positive response

Hi, PromotionKing!
Thanks for a fast answer.
Your portfolio are really respectable, but at another WP development area (not as WP-WooC main engine improvements/reworking, but as WP extra additional modules), so…

  1. Before writing a contract etc - I want to see how fast and responsibly you can work under my project - so as a “test work” I suggest you to create one quite simple plugin by my previous request: New WP-WooC plugin - component products from predefined components Thus I will see and understand your responsibility and speed of work. I can’t afford to sign a contract without seeing you at work. I work as a terminator myself for 10-14hrs per day, so I need a professional programmer that also ready for a own responsible hard work. Hope for understanding. If you agree I will send you a detailed tech-specs for this plugin. (I needs this functionality for my project any way - so if you work well - your work become as a first-base our cooperative work for this project.)
  2. Which region do you want to present? At what country do you live?

Most Welcome.

I do have great expertise working with wordpress & woo commerce. Almost 100+ custom woo commerce related projects are completed successfully and delivered to my prestigious clients.

I do work more than 8-10 hours a day. More than 40+ hours a week.

Thank you for appreciating my portfolio.

Please don’t worry i am an experienced and professional programmer with great expertise and skills set matching your requirements.

I am ready to proceed next with your project.

I am available for discussion and standby to proceed next

Also you may please drop an email so we can get started.

Here is a results with [PromotionKing]: it’s a web-studio with many staff, locates at Pakistan, want a hourly pay for each activity. So they dont agree with first condition of my first post at this thread. :frowning:

Any other wishing that want to participate at very popular world-wide project with potential to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars???

Hi mate,

Please take the following as no offense, but as a kind advice.

As you are speaking about high quality developers, you should understand that expert’s time is worth a lot. A decent developer would usually charge $50/hour, for long-term engagements it can be significantly less, but still some guaranteed monthly amount.
Investing expertise and services for a % of future revenue exists as a quite rare collaboration model, but usually either a) between close friends, b) when the project already exists, there’s good traction and proof of concept, and the startup owner has a history of successful startups launched. In this case though usually entrepreneurs prefer to pay for development as its cheaper for them in a longer run.
Also there are cases here when developers partner with designers to create WP versions of HTML themes, in this case designers invest much more than just an idea and tech specs.

Even if we assume that some highly skilled developer would consider investing his time and skills in your project, you would need to go through a “due diligence” process, similarly as with equity investments, to prove your project, business plan and marketing strategy viability, as the person is going to invest something that has real guaranteed value (time of his life, his skills and expertise) in something that is just an idea on a paper at that point. Even if the idea would be brilliant, an experienced developer would normally still require some guarantee for his time (if the startup fails - to get his time paid for), also the requested revenue share would likely be more than 50% if your part of investment is just the idea and tech specs.

Keep in mind that there is no motivation for somebody who is highly skilled to develop a plugin for you for free (which isn’t as simple as you think), just to prove his/her skills to you.

Please take the kind advice: if you want to have a highly skilled team member, secure some funding first. One more option is to study development yourself.

Even if you will be lucky enough to get someone working on your project for free, you most likely won’t get a finished, stable, scalable and even usable solution.

Good luck with your projects!