WP Wedding Theme (Soft Rejected)

Hello authors,

I’m looking for some feedback regarding my theme submission. Hope you guys can share some ideas on how to make the design better. Appreciate your time and input :smile:

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Sorry to say, but Kasal is not yet ready to be included in WordPress category. Improve your design and feel free to resubmit.

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First thing that stands out is the fonts. They’re plain, nothing special, nor do they compliment your design.

The navigation, it has nothing to separate it from the rest of the website as you scroll, making it difficult to read.

The headers could also use some improvements in regards to fonts.

It’s a nice attempt, but I think visually there is room for improvement and typography seems to be the biggest.

Also, the thumbnails in the bottom gallery (aligned left) are poor quality and do not do the demo any justice.

Personal note: Not a big fan of the menu once you click the hamburger / mobile icon. It does not compliment it.

All in all, it’s a great start but definitely room for some improvements visually.

Hope that offers some insight. Best of luck on getting it submitted!

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Thank you so much for the feedback @OWMLabs … Yes those are all valid points and it’s going to be a great help :smiley:

OK from a newbie but fresh point of view :-

Colours are nice, very wedding-y. soft focus and fuzzy is safe and very wedding focused. Knock back the yellow (on my Mac at least) in England (my hoe country) and New Zealand (where I live, pale and white are bridal). You may focus your colours more depending on your country of choice.
Central text middle of first page - it is very off-centre on my Mac (as if the page is VERY wide).
Is the Alex Shae text at the top meant to travel to each page - it travels down and may cover important information.
I love the page with the locations - people use responsive web pages on their phones for just such a thing! Perfect.

Good luck its a nice theme!


Thank you Marjorie. Those are some really good points!! :smiley: