WP Themes Fluence


I have bought the Woocommerce Themes Fluence for a bookshop and I have worked extensively with the documentation.
The documentation is rather confusing.

I have big problems setting up the menu. Also, the demo of this theme does not work on your page.
The demo showed the following:
On the home page in the upper left corner, “All Categories”.
Below are the pages, links, etc.

Home layout I
Home Layout II

If you clicked the “Nonfiction” menu item on your demo, a pop-up page containing the “Bussiness” sub-items and three other sub-items, including the links to the products, appeared. In addition, you can see a picture in this window on the right and a picture on the bottom.
I have tried using the documentation every offered possibility to get the same.
But so far without success.
A detailed guidance or a tutorial I have not found.
I am now working on it for three days, without taking a step further.
I ask you for help.
Tutorial, video, tutorial … anything that helps me.

Thank you Eva.

The author is not responsible to provide guidance for customization except basic installation and configuration but if you’d like I could provide some paid support

In case of interest you can drop me an email via this link or purchase the service from the link below: