WP Theme Soft Rejected because of Design

Hi there,

I have recently posted a WP Theme and it was soft rejected. This is what the reviewer said:

Unfortunately your submission Eclat - Responsive Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme isn’t quite ready for ThemeForest. Here’s some feedback from our Review team on why it couldn’t be accepted.

Only home page looks ok, the rest looks unfinished and plain.

  1. Make sure that design elements are consistent.

  2. Slider needs lots of improvements, overall usability is pretty poor.

  3. Improve theme details, they’re crucial part of every design.

I don’t quite understand what these points mean. Could you provide a feedback on the Theme?

Thanks in advance

I think the reviewer rather hit the nail on the head. It’s not a bad start and some very nice aspects but there are clear areas to be worked on.

  • I actually like the slider concept ut the thumnails do obscure qute a lot of it and could be made smaller and shallower

  • Definitely think about consistency. there ar eseverl veature(which while nice) do not really feel like they belong together.

  • Careful not to overbear users and over crowd the site. The home page is not bad but there are a lot of elements and you probably do not need to try to cram so much into one page (feels abit like it is for the sake of doing it)

  • maybe offer alternate home pages rather than try to fit them all into one

  • Deal of the day sectyion needs rehtinkng - that type on it is way too small and the layout is too irregular

  • Product pages are good but this one is better http://eclat.elartica.com/product/river-island-suedette-mini-skirt/ - not sure about the right hand items at the tip e.g. 'shop the look etc. They are valuable but maybe need to be in mor eof a prominant view e.g. coloured BG panel or something

  • Pages and features are a good mix

  • Typogrpahy is not bad but be care ful of product titles - they all sit in quite a lot of empty white space, and try to tryle a little more generlly. Tight now it;s not bad but the type is verging on minotinous which makes it blurr into itslef betwene sections and sidebars etc. e.g. http://eclat.elartica.com/career/ it’s al just a bit too ismilar

  • http://eclat.elartica.com/contacts/ forur boxes could be dispayed better on left i.e. too much white space

  • I’d use the off canvas area not a smnu but as a ‘cart’ or perosnal panel with items, info account etc. - just to be different.

Generally it’s pretty good and the detail is definitely there without being crowded in pointless elements

Don’t overcrowd it e.g. home page. Use variations and make sure each page has a purpose to retain hierarchy. use styling to define type and features

It just need tidying so not so obscured by the thumbnails. Maybe offer variations of slider layouts

Consistency will help this. You have all you need - there is nothing to ‘add’ just use what you have in a logical way and refine/fine tune e.g. type styling, avoid over use of white space, etc.