WP theme soft reject for current year, Styling & Clear floats

I am not finding such things in my theme like below screenshots.

Envato Screenshot#1

Envato Screenshot#2

Envato Screenshot#3

But the themeforest reviewer said “Keep year current” for #1 “Styling” for #2 and “Clear floats” for #3, I am seeing my theme is showing all things correctly.
Anyone please help how can I overcome that?


Hi @nurul_alam,

Welcome to the forums! Can we see a live preview of your theme?


It should be © 2017 now & by next year it will be © 2018.

Sure, it’s dynamic. I have used the method e.g <?php the_time('Y', 'textdomain'); ?>


Well, I think it will be wrong as the_time function used for to get time of the current post…

So you need to use date(‘Y’) php function.

Thanks @softnio

but how the reviewer get © 2012

@nurul_alam if you use the_time() function then it will show. you may check on blog or post page.