WP Theme of Plugin for Business Directories

Hi There,

Do you have any recommendation or suggestion for a Business Directory (premium) WP Theme OR plugin capable of handling 14,000 + companies details (I already have a database of companies in hand) ?

There are quite a few themes with good reviews on ThemeForest but they also have complains comments about bugs and other malfunctions, which did not allow me yet to select one or two potential theme to purchase ( I am more concerned about the theme/plugging stability and capability to handle a large amount of companies than the design/layout).

Any comment/idea about if it is better to use a Business Directory Theme or plugin is also most welcome as I am not sure yet which option to choose too.

Cheers !


It depends what you want with template? Just install and import 14 k into directory or you want to customize template?
Some templates are better for customization some less…

Hi Zacc,

Thanks for answering,

The customization is not a major thing for me, I’m just looking for a reliable theme including a import options for my database and can handle a large number of businesses (I read some comments on envato where user tried to import 700 companies at once and themes could not take it).

It depends also from your hosting. You cant put large amount of data on some shared hosting. It will crash very soon. I have made web shop on Woocommerce with 15 k of items and it is working normally. But my client is have VPS server .

Hi Zacc,

I appreciate your contribution but if we could stick to the initial question.

If you have a particular WP Theme or Plugin to recommend or suggest for a Business Directory website, or if you believe that it is better to use a plugin rather than a theme, or vice versa, please do so.