WP theme like instagram/tiktok


I’m struggling to find a mobile-first theme that would look & feel like instagram/tiktok. I want to create a site with short videos (posts) that would play automatically and by simple swiping up/down the user would change the videos (posts).

Everyone is familiar with using these apps, so using a similar site should be good experience for my users.

I don’t think it makes sense to create almost the same service. Better come up with something new and original. By the way, has anyone used the Tik Tok promotion service?

Of course, I’ve used TikTok promotion services about three times when my videos couldn’t get into recommendations.

With all due respect, I asked for help with searching for the theme. Not for your opinion about my ideas :slight_smile:

Hi @TonyMF1 , I think you are looking for something like True Mag. Let me know if there anything I can assist you.