WP theme for Matrimonial website


Is there any good WP theme to be used for a matrimonial website? Plz suggest.


Hello, have you tried searching ThemeForest for Wedding themes? I ran a search and there are quite a few results:

“wedding” themes on ThemeForest

Hi Japh,

Yes, I did search for these but they are wedding invitations. I need a matchmaking website like simplymarry.com, shaadi.com and the like.

Is there any such theme that you know?


Ah, I see what you mean now. No, unfortunately I don’t know of any matchmaking / dating website themes on ThemeForest. Though I am sure you could either: use another theme to achieve the same thing; or contact a theme author who has done a similar theme and ask for a quote on building one for you.

I believe wordpress is not the right platform for matchmaking states (as well as car dealer and real estate sites). Especially when you have some essential amount of database records. It’s gonna be slow, even with caching and all the regular stuff. And once your requirements grow, you’re gonna realize it’s not much flexible either. I’d advice looking for non-WP solutions, there are lots of them around.