Wp theme - cannot modify header information

A recent wp theme of mine got rejected because of showing cannot modify header information. But i tested the theme on my xampp localhost and also 2 different web server.(apache and nginx).But nowhere it evoked such an error.
here is the image link http://envato.d.pr/PFEq/4JzpZVaQ

Its showing files out of my theme.Its in core wp files.So what can i do now?

My php version is 5.6.x.And reviewer’s so.
wp_config debug is true.

If you’re looking for a paid support, feel free to drop me an email
I could check the theme and fix the issue

I’ve also been rejected due to this error, however it doesn’t show when using my own tests. Is the reviewer using a plugin that’s conflicting with the theme in some way?

You’re probably missing some codes - needs to be re-checked

use wp debug bar plugin and you also can see that. :wink:

Xampp sets the php.ini configuration for output_buffering to 4096 bytes. On normal PHP installations, this defaults to 0 (disabled).

This means the (html and header) output of WordPress is not sent to the browser until it hits 4096 bytes in size. Any redirections occurring in this time will not error. However, if output buffering is set to off, then PHP sends output to the browser in realtime, and you cannot redirect the page after html output has been sent. That’s why it’s erroring.

To disable buffering and see the error, open the php.ini file in xampp (xamppdir/php/php.ini), search for output_buffering, and find the line:

Change it to this:

Be sure to save the file and then restart Apache.

You will be able to see the error then. :slight_smile:

Thanks, installed the debug plugin and another one - No errors

output_buffering is already set to 0 on my server.

Might resubmit and ask for confirmation. This wasn’t an issue in any of the other soft rejects for the theme.

I had the same issue once and few of the author has contacted me (paid support) to fix issue.
If you still need help, you can contact me