WP Theme and PSD rejected

Morning guys,

I’ve a WP theme that has been rejected, I’m a beginner author here on Envato and this is my first upload. I guess there is many reasons my theme got rejected like assets (images) without watermarker for example (I take time reading the author guide articles), but, I’m not sure about all I need to change, so I started this topic to get help.

Here are my theme:

Can you guys please take a look into my theme and help a little with this? Any help will be to much appreciate so I can keep design new themes that Envato accept to sell.

Thanks for all. Best.

You need to improve the design of this theme. It is rejected because of the design. :slight_smile:

Sure? Okay thanks for your reply, can I ask one more thing? I was reading
about the correct way to illustrate previews, I read that we can use Envato
content (images) with watermark in the preview, but, where can I get that
images? I was browsing on the Photodune but the preview images doesn’t have
properly definition to use, so, I mean, where can I get images with 1920
resolution for exemple, with that watermarker of Envato?

I’m designing a new PSD here and need to use preview images to illustrate,
can you please help me about that?

Thanks for your reply, best.

Hi Here:
Your design lack a slidershow, footer, more sections, for approved themeforest, regards.

Thanks for you reply!

Okay, I’ll pay attention on that tips. Actually I’m making a One Page PSD
and giving attention to this one.

Can you give me more details about images preview I sent a comment before?


If you want show you psd please upload here because maybe we can help you better design :slight_smile: good luck.

Okay, follow my PSD preview here, as you can see I’m using some images to illustrate the slideshow area, about us, features, banners and there is a Google maps print to. In the same way, I’m using Font Awesome (icons) and Google Fonts to, I don’t know if can I do that and don’t understand how can I do the right copyright for that assets, or if a really need rights to use assets like Google Maps (print), Google Fonts and Font Awesome for example.

Basically I read the author documentation about assets but can’t understand details yet.

Every help will be good.

Thanks guys for all. Best.


Hey guys, good morning, how are you? I’m here again, after some months of work and improvements on my PSD I’ve to say it has been gets rejected again :confused: I’m really discourage to move forward and try to make items to be sell on envato, I really don’t know the reason my PSD has been reject this time, they don’t leave just one little personal tip on the review email, that is just an automated pre-made response. Guys if you really can help me trying to explain what the reason my item gets rejects this time, please can you say me something? I’ll post here the preview images. Thanks.