WP Soft Rejected - Some Feedback Please


This is our first WP theme and I just got my WP Blog theme submission Soft Rejected with the following message:

I’m very sorry, but this theme is not ready to be included at ThemeForest. If you want to submit files that fall into this very popular and competitive category they not only have to be up to our standards, but really outperform any existing files.

Adding unique design elements and features that differentiate it from what’s already available (and definitely be of higher quality) will help in your chances for approval

Demo - http://demo.hyphencode.com/

Any feedback would be much appreciated.



If you look at the latest themes approved in the Blog category , you’ll see that they all have something special in them, something that differentiates them from one another.

The layout you did (top slider, articles and sidebar) is so over-used that they don’t approve it anymore. New themes in blog category usually do have this layout, but they also bring something new to the table in form of other creative layouts of the homepage or some dramatic twist on that standard one.

You also have issues with typography and spacing, so that’s a show-stopper too.

Work on it and you have a chance of being accepted! Good luck!

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Thanks Darinka :smile: