WP Soft Reject - Could Use Some Feedback

Hi all,

I just got my WP theme submission Soft Rejected with the following message:

We already have a number of submissions with the same overall design and concept and we have to draw the line somewhere…

Minimal templates can be clean and simple when you manage to handle the white space and details to provide a simple but yet unique template. But if you can’t, it will look like an incomplete template – blank template.

In this case, the submitted template is more like a ‘framework’ than a full fledged design. If you’re going with minimalism, you need to make sure all the little details check out.

The theme in question is Adaptation - Blog Theme

This is a second Soft Reject, so I don’t know if I should stick to this design or start from scratch?

Any thoughts and feedback would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Don’t know about design but you should ask for more detailed review in support question and ask the same question as you ask here. Design is fine in my opinion.

Thanks or leaving your thoughts @rayoflightt.

Are we even allowed to resubmit again without any changes only to ask for some more detailed feedback from the reviewer?

Anyone else have something to add?


That design is not even minimal. Honestly, reviewers are kind of annoying as of late. They probably copy pasted a response.

@fuelthemes thanks for commenting.

I’m really struggling to add more stuff to the design as I believe I have enough details in it to avoid the ‘minimal’ style…

Back in the day that message was a Hard Reject, so I’m not sure if I’m close or far to getting accepted.

The thing is, I’ve seen themes with even less detail and simpler styles get through on the marketplace. I feel I’m kind of forced to add details to my theme even though I’m not all that keen to doing so as I don’t want to clutter the design…

Am I allowed to resubmit with no major changes only to ask the reviewer for a detailed feedback?

Anybody else want to pitch in?

Really appreciate it, thanks.

Theme is very nice :sunglasses:

@Medians_ thanks, glad you like it :slight_smile:

Is there any point in asking the reviewer for a more detailed response, after the kind of Soft Rejection message (see first post) I received?

Would appreciate if some authors would share their experience…


You can always contact support with your have any doubt about the rejection :slight_smile:

@kailoon thanks for replying to the thread. One question though, do you mean I should contact support to ask for a second opinion, because I surely don’t want to be disrespectful to the reviewer that already inspected the theme…


How can that be disrespectful? :slight_smile: You can ask for more detailed feedback if you find it not well explained or you have any other doubts re the rejection.

Your theme looks solid, precise and well-done! I mean, if that theme isn’t accepted, I really wonder what could be because I’ve seen worst theme around many times! Your theme is great and should definitely be accepted!

I also think your theme is good enough to be accepted. Open a new support ticket and ask more details from the reviewer. Maybe that help.

Thank you everybody for the feedback given :smile:

Unfortunately the theme had a third soft rejection with a bit more constructive message from the reviewer:

The main issue with this design is that it looks very similar to what we already have on Marketplace and as noted before we need to draw a line.

Additional details:

1. Use font that is more readable and pay attention to typography in general.

2. Always have enough of white space around elements.

3. Make sure that theme uses clear navigation and always think of design usability.

4. Details are crucial: for instance icons don’t align properly: http://envato.d.pr/RIhT/481AvB4h - this I can’t seem to replicate, all good on my side. Can anyone else confirm in which browser this happens, if it does?

5. Set priorities and think as user, not designer.

All right, hopefully this will help you.

P.S. Yes, I would recommend complete design overhaul :slight_smile:

Can anybody add something, as I’m really, really stuck on this design :frowning:

Again link to theme - Adaptation - Blog Theme

Now, even though I really appreciate the detailed answer from the reviewer I fail to see the consistency in terms of standards, especially when I look at some of the approved blog themes of late, mainly because that’s first where I go to see what are the current standards before beginning design at all.

This is probably frustration kicking in, but I’m starting to feel that I’ve just had a bad draw with my theme in regards to acceptance…

Ok, so once again, if someone has something to add, that would be much appreciated :smile:

Thanks in advance.

Any thoughts?